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the bathroom counter is clean and ready to be used by someone who likes baking soda
How To Green Clean the Grout In Your Shower & Bathroom
a bottle of baking soda sitting on top of a bath tub next to a cleaning brush
2-Ingredient Homemade Grout Cleaner
This is the BEST homemade grout cleaner! It's just baking soda and bleach and gets your dirty grout white again in under an hour!
before and after fireplace makeover with brick paint
How to Paint a Brick Fireplace (and the Best Paint to Use!)
an open oven door with a pink bottle in the middle and instructions on how to clean it
a living room with a couch and table in it
Reclaimed Barn Wood Sofa Bar Table - 6 Foot
Thanks for looking at this CaseConcept2000 creation!! All CaseConcepts wood comes from reclaimed barns, mills and farm houses around southern Michigan and northern Ohio and Indiana. Most of the structures wood we use dates back to the 1800’s. All the wood is cleaned, sanded and #Living room ideas
the website for behr gray's is open and showing different shades of grey
How to Choose the Perfect Gray Paint
How to Choose the Perfect Gray Paint | - How to decide on the best gray paint for your room makeover using 4 quick and simple steps to eliminate confusion and find a color you love.
a man is painting the ceiling in his room with headphones and a paint roller
How to Install a Tongue and Groove Ceiling
Installing tongue-and-groove (aka T&G) boards is a fast, inexpensive way to panel any ceiling or wall. You can install T&G over bare framing, drywall or plaster, so it's a great cover-up for an ugly ceiling.
a man in white shirt and khaki pants working on wood paneling next to bed
Cheap and Easy DIY Shiplap Wall
Shiplap! Oh the things husbands do for us! Can I just say I am so happy we did this? It makes the wall behind our bed a focal point and the project was actually easier than expected!
the plans for a table and bench are shown in three different positions, including one that is
Projects & Plans
The classic look of a farmhouse table is as popular today as ever—and not just in farmhouses. A farmhouse table looks great in an urban loft or suburban home. That’s because this type of table offers simple styling, solid construction, and versatility that make it useful and beautiful.