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a black trash can sitting on top of a white counter next to a salad bowl
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Be a part of the solution to help reduce food waste and landfill. With your help, we can create an impact that is revolutionary. Making the effort to reduce is simple. Visit our website for more information
Cut down plastic bag waste & get #reusable! $5.99 for a pack of 5! Storing Produce, Mesh Produce Bags, Kitchen Compost Bin, Reusable Produce Bags, Sustainable Kitchen, Natural Homes, True Homes, Kitchen Sponge, Produce Bags
Reusable Veggie Bags
Cut down plastic bag waste & get #reusable! $5.99 for a pack of 5!
two red bowls filled with salad and wooden utensils on top of a table
Molded Bamboo Mixing Bowl
The Molded Bamboo® 3-Piece Bowl Set is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Great for food prep bowls for all your baking and cooking recipes! Prep, mix, and serve the Eco-Friendly way! #ecofriendly #kitchenutensils
a person is holding two toothbrushes in front of a faucet with water coming out of it
Reusable Straws
Reusable straws - made for the zero waste & sustainable warrior. Refuse single use plastics with us!
the cover of scrub in style, which features cartoon characters and text that reads'the clean crowd scrub brushes '
Lady Dish Brush™ Various Styles
The cutest scrub brushes around! Handy, functional and affordable! #cleaning #kitchendecor #giftideas
green recycling icons and symbols on white background
The Importance of the Three R’s
The importance of the the 3 R's: #reduce #reuse #recycle
the symbols for recycling are shown in black and white, with arrows pointing to each other
Recycle Numbers On The Bottom Of Plastics
What those numbers mean on the bottom of your plastics!
a wooden spoon with the words bamboo period on it
Bamboo Utensils VS Wood Utensils
Bamboo Utensils VS Wood Utensils - Why Bamboo is the superior choice! #Bamboo
an advertisement for natural home products with the words, these grates are great find out how
Natural Home Brands EcoFriendly Kitchen Gadgets & Compost Shop
Grate with the greatest sustainable & ecofriendly tools! 100% plastic free, chemical free & BPA free.
spoons and spatulas sitting in a cup on a wooden table with the words make your home an natural home
Molded Bamboo® 6 Piece Set with Ceramic Crock
100% Molded Bamboo® utensils - always Plastic Free, Melamine free & BPA Free. A sustainable and healthy alternative to the chemically based plastic. #kitchen #cooking #sustainable
a green and white sign that says think conservative water under a blue sky with clouds
25 Ways to Conserve Water at Home
25 Ways To Conserve Water at Home by Natural Home Brands
spoons and spatulas with the words make your home a natural home with our sustenable product line
Natural Home Brands EcoFriendly Kitchen Gadgets & Compost Shop
100% natural, plastic free, & sustainable kitchen gadgets for the consumer that cares! Get green in your kitchen! #sustainability