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a yellow car is parked in front of a green building with the word cuba on it
Posters & Posters II
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Revêtement sol cuisine : les possibilités
tiles and wood floor
an rv is parked in front of a mountain range with the sun shining on it
Handsome Frank • Home to the world's greatest illustrators
Hey studio
the letters in pel lingg city are written on top of an image of skyscrapers
The letters in the cities
The project poster "Travel letters" in various cities by Alexandr Aubakirov (via Bechance).
two business cards with blue and white ink on them, one has the word tide printed on it
Print Design and Business Cards image inspiration on Designspiration
dipped business cards-- I like how the designer took something as traditional as a business card and put such a modern flair on it. the blue at the bottom provides interesting detail to what could have been a very bland card. The deep, rich color of the blue with the white and black of the card helps the type stand out from the rest of the white space. I love the uniqueness of this design.
one day expo poster on red background
Exhibition "21 years of cultural posters" in Brussels (BE)
Rene Wanner's Poster Page / Exhibition "21 years of cultural posters" in Brussels (BE)
some type of typogramic text that is designed to look like geometric shapes
Creative Poster Design Inspiration
Poster Design – BARCELONA
the night market poster with string lights
Posters and Nights image inspiration on Designspiration
a concrete building sitting on top of a dirt field
Up. Sky, Smoke Rings, Cocaine, Air Show, Great Photos
an astronaut's space suit on display in front of a black background