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DIY Pastel Bag
@sangna_arts has beautifully painted her way to a pastel-chic bag ensemble using Fevicryl Pastel Acrylic Colours. Thank you for sharing your art with us @sangna_arts
two bags with flowers painted on them hanging from the wall next to a pair of shoes
Flower Painted Tote Bag
Pretty simple Flowers painted tote bag 🌸, free handed with acrylic paint, made to order (will be freshly painted this is only an example durable and strong to hold what you need
a black and white checkerboard bag with green flowers on the front is laying on a blue sheet
Abstract Checkerboard Squiggle Retro Flower Print - Hand Painted Pattern Print Canvas Tote Bag
Hand painted canvas tote bag - washable Comes in abstract checkerboard with flowers in any color! Personalize to choose your colors, or message me a reference photo of colors.
several bags with different designs on them sitting on a table
diy painted tote bags
Ecobag criativa personalizada
Um pouquinho do processo dessa ecobag linda, feita a mão. Foi feita com aa canetas da molotow na linha One4all. Marcadores acrílicos a base de água que aderem em várias superfícies.