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a drawing of some dogs with different expressions
Three-Headed Dog by Muzic-Junkie on DeviantArt
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Otherworldly Patron: The Hopeweaver - A warlock patron that gives you the power to bring love, kindness and hope to a dark and dreary world.
an owl sitting on top of a persons hand next to a paper with information about it
Prove your humanity
an info sheet showing the different types of animals and their habitats in each section of the page
\LIVING TSLAND] filibusterfrog living islands That is so cool! Do they eventually migrate into the water in part because of the massive weight of their shells? So their surface area allows the water to help support them and their poor knees? Also do they travel? Or do they root themselves in place? They're so cool!!! filibusterfrog yes!! the ocean lessens their heavy load. Furthermore, they seem to enjoy seeing new places but by the time they've reached maturity they move so slowly you can hardly tell they're moving. this not only conserves energy but also gives the biome on their shells time to adapt to different temperatures! make-them-laugh That's so cool! And they all probably have different ecosystems and local fauna on their backs too, I'm guessing? So no two living islands are alike! filibusterfrog very much so. In an isolated case, one fully matured (and particularly strong) island never set foot in the water, deciding instead to remain on dry land. All reports say she still roams the desert today! (which desert, however, manages to remain a closely guarded secret) baccanobabe This is so cool - iFunny
the different types of dinosaurs that can be found in an animal's life cycle
Let's settle this once and for all. - Gaming
several different types of animals are shown in this drawing style, including one wolf and the other
an image of two cats with antlers on their heads and one cat laying down
My cat lined up perfectly with the deer antlers on my porch I I I tastefullyoffensive: im sorry but just really wanted to draw this cat - iFunny
a drawing of a bee sitting on top of a flower
BumbleBun by Katie-W on DeviantArt
the different types of boats are shown in this image, and each one has its own name
The art of Ama - Tiger Sharkpup is taking a snooze Great White Sharkpup Is going for walk! Mako Sharkpup is taking a quick break in the grass. Leopard Sharkpup just wants some bellyrubs! Thresher Sharkpup is playful! Hammerhead Sharkpup's food dish is tragically empty! Lemon Sharkpup has caught his tail! Nurse Sharkpup, waiting for snack! Whale Sharkpup has trouble fitting in it's old petbed Basking Sharkpup Blacktip Reef Sharkpup Blue Sharkpup Bonnethead Sharkpup Bull Sharkpup - iFunny