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a wooden rocking chair with star wars written on the seat and four different colored lights
Star Wars Rocking Chair - Star Wars kids - Star Wars furniture - Star Wars decor - star wars nursery - star wars gift
an ornament shaped like a heart with a dragon in the center on a green background
Flettede julehjerter
Julehjerter i alle afskygninger
a coffee table made out of pallet wood with a star wars symbol painted on it
Star Wars Pallet Coffee Table
Star Wars Pallet Coffee Table | Geek CraftsGeek Crafts
three tiered white sculpture with dog and cat on it's sides, one holding a plate
Domestic Sluttery: Extinctly The Best: Brilliant Dinosaur Design
two star wars balls with lights on them are hanging from the ceiling in front of a black background
How to Make 'Star Wars' Death Star LED Ornaments That Light Up
"That's no Moon!" Nashville-based craftycounterpart demonstrates how to make Star Wars Death Star LED ornaments that light up in their step-by-step Instructables article. They bring life to the Dea...
a yellow truck with a christmas tree in the back is parked under a glass vase
Christmas Car in a Jar #DIY | crab+fish. Reminds me of Harv and his yellow truck obsession.
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree
Christmas Ornament Exchange
diy christmas ornament! I really love the clear ball ornaments but I could never figure out what to put in them.
gingerbread houses are just too mainstam to make them look like they're from star wars
Sci-Fi Christmas Confections
AT-AT gingerbread house!!! This fills my inner nerd with holiday cheer!
six christmas ornaments in a box with the logo of batman, superman, and captain america on them
Must. find. these. Agreed? @Nicole Novembrino LeBlanc and @Jess Liu Wiren
the collage has pictures of different items on it, including a coffee cup and an eye mask
Weihnachtsgeschenk Tipps
**Double click for more** Weihnachtsgeschenk Tipps Gift ideas for men #men #gift #present #christmas #diy #craft #geek #nerd #pirate #guitar #glas #coffee
three ornaments with different designs on them sitting next to each other
DIY : Customiser les boules du sapin de Noel à la sauce Super Mario Bros - Semageek
diy customiser les boules du sapin de noel a la sauce super mario bros 01 DIY : Customiser les boules du sapin de Noel à la sauce Super Mari...
paper cut snowflakes are shown in four different ways
DIY Star Wars Snowflakes
DIY Star Wars Snowflakes. 11 in all (I left out Ahsoka). PDF Downloads for each snowflake at Matters of Gray. #diy #crafts #paper #snowflakes #star wars #yoda #darth vader #C3po #r2d2 #christmas #holidays
a star wars ornament with a red ribbon hanging from it's side
Star Wars R2D2 Holiday Christmas Ornament. $18.50, via Etsy.
the ornament is made out of legos and has been hung on a christmas tree
Star Wars Christmas
six ornaments with faces painted on them in the shape of jack skellingy's
#nightmarebeforechristmas #ornaments I made for my sisters tree. #christmas #diy #decoration #holidays