Sorria! Hoje é o seu dia!

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Ela é forte. Ela é guerreira. Ela é minha mãe.

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some flowers are laying on top of a paper with the words in spanish and english
a card with flowers and leaves on the bottom is written in spanish, which means it's time to celebrate
a greeting card with flowers and butterflies on the front, reads que na sua vida haja sempre mutia alegria, alegra, amor, sa
a bunch of different types of candies on a striped background with the words parabens written in spanish
a basket filled with pink and white flowers
the back side of a book with flowers on it and an inscription that reads mae
a card with gold balloons and confetti on it, says feli's anniversary
a poem written in spanish with gold and red balloons
Feliz Aniversário,Que seu caminho seja sempre abençoado!
a greeting card with pink flowers and green leaves on the front, surrounded by roses
a card with pink roses on it and green leaves around the edges, in spanish
a greeting card with flowers on it for someone's birthday or other special occasion
a card with flowers on it and the words feliz aniverino written in spanish
a card with an image of flowers and ribbon on the bottom saying, diables que deus te illumine, te guiie ete
a card with flowers and the words, felis annversario written in spanish