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an arrangement of flowers and eggs in a basket
three glass jars filled with plants and rocks
{DiY} Bocal Déco à jacinthe pour l'hiver
On ne le dira jamais assez chez Shopix.fr : les bocaux ce n'est pas que pour la cuisine ! On les trouve aussi au #jardin. Voilà pourquoi on a toute une gamme Le Parfait disponible sur notre site. #garden
some very pretty plants in a big glass vase on the table with water and dirt
RURAL ENGLAND...Fairy Tale with a happy ending
lovely : big jar of collected&cut branches + lily of the valley bulbs
an arrangement of succulents and moss on a bench
My inner landscape: Photo
My inner landscape : Photo
some purple flowers are in a planter on a white counter top with a price tag
Deze moet ik eens uitproberen :) Eenvoudig maar classy!
three tiered trays filled with blue flowers and moss
Erg leuk om te doen met de etagieres uit mijn webshop misslittlethings.nl
some yellow and blue flowers are in pots on a wooden table with moss growing out of them
So pretty ✨
green plants are growing out of the ground in a bowl on top of newspaper pages
Tid för inomhuslökar. ❥ --- Time for indoor bulbs. #charlottegardenflow
lighted tulips in a clear bowl with green leaves and lights on the bottom
a glass vase filled with plants and balls
Weihnachtsdeko im Glas | Videkiss
some white flowers in a clear vase on a table
pink and white tulips are in a vase on top of an old barrel
Let lovely flowers bring joy to your home!
several glass jars with plants in them on a shelf
Dies und Das am Sonntag * This and that on Sunday
Dies und Das am Sonntag * This and that on Sunday
two clear vases filled with white tulips on top of a table
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fantastische Idee für Dekoration mit Blumen - Tulpen in Gläsern