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a green umbrella sitting on top of a grass covered hill next to tall poles with sticks sticking out of it's sides
Dock Leaf Sun Circle
Dock Leaf Sun Circle
some strawberries in the shape of a snake on top of rocks and dirt with grass growing out of them
Land Art: Something we should see more of.
Andy Goldsworthy - creating a narrative - what could you use to create a path...
an image of rocks and pebbles in the shape of a circle with a red center
Land Art English | Creations in Nature
Creations in Nature by Dietmar Voorwold
a large flower made out of rocks on the beach with water in the back ground
an art work with leaves on it
the water is running down the rocks in the stream that runs through the woods and has icicles on it
the neverland in winter
an upside down umbrella sitting on the side of a dirt road next to a field
украшение луж
a hole in the ground surrounded by water and yellow leaves with a spiral design on it
Hippie Witches Bohemian Paradise
Leaf installation
several different pictures of trees in the woods with water and leaves on them, one is upside down
Online Art Gallery Canada | Buy Art Online Canada | Original Paintings
Artist Lee Borthwick installs mirrors in nature to offer a sense of peace and self-reflection.
many different types of plants and leaves are on the ground in this photo, all together
Tim Pugh Environmental Artist
Tim Pugh Environmental Artist
there are many rocks in the water on the beach and one is lined with stones
How To Do Land Art
Step 4 - deciding what to make (Land Art for Kids: How To Do Land Art, by Richard Shilling)
rocks arranged in the shape of a heart on top of a river with water running between them
Awesome Stone Art by Michael Grab (73 pics)
a rock formation made out of rocks and stacked on top of each other
Galerie "le temps de vivre"
Jean-Yves Piffard, Natures Art Photography - Images for sale