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Design, Collage, Stripes, Stripes Pattern, Stripe Pattern, Fabric Tiles, Striped Wallpaper, Blue Stripes
fabric stripes lilac light blue
two pillows sitting next to each other on top of a green pillow case with red and blue squares
Inside the London Leisure Palace of Design Phenom Luke Edward Hall
three red and blue striped rugs on a white background, each with different colors
Red, Blue New Turkish Kilim Rug - 8' x 12' 4" (96 in. x 148 in.) - K0043314
Texture, Plaid, Color, Colour, Color Combos, Stripe
a purple wall hanging with black and blue stripes
Mary & Patch
a striped rug with red, blue and green stripes on it's sides is shown
Tooth Check - Rosevine Pink Green on Beige (click for more colours) — Bennison Fabrics
an image of different types of tiles
Mattonelle Margherita by Ceramiche Mutina: patterns, colors and vivacity
a vase with some fruit on top of it in front of a colorful tile wall
Nathalie Du Pasquier Designs a Boldly Graphic Collection of Tiles for Mutina
a red and blue pattern with circles on it
KOMBOH's Store | Society6
an image of a painting that looks like it has been made into a square shape
Lourdes Sanchez - geos 1
a green field with blue and yellow lines in the grass, as if it were an abstract painting
Kit Kemp uses Molly Mahon in her stunning bedrooms at Firmdale Hotel