Sustainable Jewellery

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Unique Jewellery • Consciously made
We represent a sustainable jewellery designer who creates unique earrings in a conscious way. She follow slow fashion principles and is very conscious in her process of creating these beautiful earrings. Check them out via our link.
Art Deco Inspired Earrings Inspiration For Art, Dream Earrings, Jewellery Art, Colorful Earrings, Art Deco Jewelry
Sustainable Jewellery • Art Deco Inspired
Studio Lanterfant creates conscious jewellery for people who love colorful earrings with inspiration for Art Deco. Her slow fashion makes it possible for you to customize your dream earrings with exactly the right colorscheme for you and the size and shape that fits your unique style 💫
Sustainable Jewellery • Art Deco Inspired Jewellery Studio, In Her Studio, Jewelry Studio, The Fashion Industry
Sustainable Jewellery • Studio Lanterfant
Studio Lanterfant focuses on creating her sustainable jewellery with an inspiration of Art Deco flair and bringing back some color in the fashion industry! She focuses on slow fashion principles and loves spending time in her studio creating new ways to make sustainable jewellery in a more conscious way.