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Gagné triceps extension
Upper-Traps Exercise
Deconstructing the Squat
a man is pouring white powder on his body and holding a shaker in the other hand
Post-Workout Protein: How Much Do You Need?
by Chris Shugart Protein Timing and Training Splits How much protein do you need after training to trigger the most muscle protein synthesis? And does your workout split matter? Here's the science. Most fit pros have run out of ideas. They've spilled all the information they have to spill. Now they just fill their social media with attacks on other coaches who dare to lift weights or eat differently than they do. They're posting reaction videos to reaction videos instead of helping people ...
Rear-Delt Cable Flyes
Tip-Toe Farmer’s Walk
Good move for delts!
Cable Upright Row
Kettlebell Dead-Walk
New Chest Exercises!
Zercher Good Morning
How to curl correctly!
The Kung-Fu Lunge
Do Lunges Like This!