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three white vases are lined up next to each other with a red cord in the middle
You Won’t BELIEVE the Things You Can Now 3D Print For Your Home
You Won’t BELIEVE the Things You Can Now 3D Print For Your Home via Brit + Co.
Batman 3D Printed Timelapse
a man with an eye mask on and nose taped to the side
3d printed 'lacunal' support frame eases breathing through neck tubes
a stack of colored pencils sitting on top of each other
3D Printed DNA Helix Pencil Holder
cookie cutters are being made to look like they have clouds and diamonds on them
Printmeneer | Etsy
These 3d printed cookie cutters would have been great for the holidays...
an egg in the shape of a rabbit on a wooden table with wood flooring
Easter Bunny by stefdevos on Shapeways
3D printed Easter Bunny Egg Holder by stefdevos
several different types of chandeliers are shown in this graphic style, and each is white
Stalaclights Skyscraper Lights - If It's Hip, It's Here
Stalaclights - 3D printed Upside Down Art Deco Skyscrapers on LED Bulbs make for awesome pendant lights.
three different views of a person holding something in their hands and the other showing it's design
The White House's super hip 3D-printed holiday ornaments
Love these 3D-printed Christmas ornaments.
a chess board with white pieces on it
Typographical Chess Set by OneSaveSolutions on Shapeways
Typographical Chess Set 3d printed Close up of white set