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Iboga Retreat Centers

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World Wide Iboga Retreat Centers

Liberty Root provides the support and space needed for Ibogaine Therapy in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Ibogaine is derived from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub native to West Africa, where it has been used ceremonially by people of the Bwiti religion for centuries. Ibogaine has powerful anti-addictive properties, and opiate addicts in particular report the experience allowing them to overcome withdrawal symptoms in hours, read more

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We are -Te Whare Rongoa – te reo Maori – House of Medicine – Services at the moment are delivered from The Iboga Clinic in Kaitaia, Te Hiku O Te Ika(The Tail of the Fish) Far North, New Zealand. Welcome to the iBoga Clinic, in the Far North of New Zealand Aotearoa. It is more than a year since read more

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We provide an authentic, safe and loving environment in which you can experience the deep healing power of the medicine plants Ayahuasca and Iboga. In our carefully conducted ceremonies, our aim is to help people find their true essence. Ayahuasca and Iboga are ancient and profound medicine plants that can help you heal and help you reconnect with read more

The Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary invites you to receive, pray, heal and learn to love yourself in the forests of England and at the world's Sacred sites and monuments beyond 2012. Our Ancestors left great Pyramids, Standing Stones and other monuments behind so that we could relearn who we truly are at this time. Become read more

The Ibogaine Treatment Center - IbogaQuest - exists to provide Ibogaine with a dedication to sharing this experience of Ibogaine bravery. We care equally for all motivations, be they psycho-spiritual growth, personal healing, mood discomfort and from addiction(s). Upon contact we can each determine compatibility. For people seeking: Psycho-spiritual Self Development Freedom from general habitual read more

Minds Alive Wellness Centre provides ibogaine-assisted detoxification therapy to help assist in recovery from all forms of dependencies and compulsive behavior, depression and anxiety. Our therapy procedures are based on the Manual for Ibogaine Therapy: Screening, Safety, Monitoring & Aftercare, Second Revision by Howard S. Lotsof & Boaz Wachtel and are modeled on the best read more

Located in the North Part of the Netherlands nearby several National Parks in the Highlands of Drenthe, we receive you in our luxurious freestanding bungalow which is beautifully decorated. In walking distance there is a nice forest, farming land and a lake. Our Ceremonyroom is provided with good quality matrasses where you can undergo your read more

Sinchi Runa – Consciousness Technology Center focuses on the investigation of entheogens and their therapeutic model as a way to comprehend the underlying code behind suffering, paradigms and self-limitations. We have a wide range of experience in healing problems with substance abuse, energetic disorders and others related to psychological, physical and mental health. We work with read more

We provide a family setting in a comfortable and welcoming environment where people come to voluntarily use Ibogaine for both emotional, spiritual and physical detoxification. Iboga and ibogaine treatments are given at our detox centre in Spain and are used to treat various addictions and problems related to stress, trauma and mental health. Ibogaine is read more

EMBARK ON AN ANCIENT JOURNEY REVOLUTIONIZED IBOGA THERAPY INUKSHUK COUNSELLING SERVICE Combining the Wisdom of Ages with Modern Science My name is Shane Mugford. I am the founder of ICS and the ICS Iboga Programs. I want to tell you a bit about myself, my belief systems, why ICS works, and why it exists today. read more