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a black and white photo of a woman wrapped in plastic wraps with her eyes closed
Black and White Pencil Art by Silvio Giannini | Art and Design
Art Photography, Films, Distortion Photography, Conceptual Photo, Conceptual Photography
Exploring Concealed Beauty: Mariamne Photography
a boy with two wine glasses on his head
O Cão e a Sombra ou o Homem Que Sonhou Ter Tudo em Duplicado - Absinto Muito
a woman with cans on her eyes and red lipstick
🐉 (@AgnesPompon) / Twitter
the back of a woman's body with flowers on her shoulder and chest, in black and white
Sculpted by Nature
black and white photograph of a woman with flowers on her back
Hsin Wang’s “De-Selfing” Series (Published 2016)
a black and white photo of a woman's face with her shadow on the wall
Schwarz Weiß Porträt Fotografie Foto Idee Licht Schatten Lichtstreifen Model Explore Jondy. photos on Flickr. Jondy. has uploaded 91 photos to Flickr.
a black and white photo of two women with different facial expressions in the same image
Aisha - Untitled – SAVEE
a black and white photo of a woman with her eyes closed
a woman is shown in black and white
meg • (xcusemewitch) - Profile | Pinterest
pinterest: @opticalmeg | anxiety - mental health - Meg Smith Art | @opticalmeg on insta, twitter and tumblr.
the shadow of a person's hand is shown in front of a white background
a woman with her hands in the air
Dead girl. Halloween theme.