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a woman laying on top of a beach next to a pink towel and eating food
beach pics
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many people are swimming in the blue water at an outdoor pool with rocks on either side
Zakynthos life
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a very tall building lit up in the night sky with lights on it's side
Al Tijaria Tower, 218 meters.
The Al Tijariya Tower is the result of the work of NORR Limited and Al Jazera Consultants. The volume that spirals around a cylindrical base consists of protruding floor slabs that move clockwise on each floor. Thus, from ground level to the very top floor, the tower makes a turn of 80 degrees. The building is divided vertically into sections of 6 floors, each of which houses an atrium with its own garden. #architecture#design
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a baseball player holding a bat on top of a field in front of a crowd
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a woman with long blonde hair is talking on her cell phone while sitting in the back seat of a car
a woman with long blonde hair wearing an orange hoodie and looking at the camera
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a man with tattoos holding a coffee cup and looking at the camera while wearing a baseball cap