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a doll house with all the furniture in it
Projekt renovering Lundby dockhus - Hemma hos betta_o
My next project (may co-run with my current one...): get hold of an old Lundby house and give it a modern makeover with a mixture of refurbished vintage, modern, and handmade furniture. I LOVE this. Makes me wish I'd kept my old one now!
a bathroom with two sinks, a toilet and a bathtub in the middle of it
ELF Miniatures
This is the one I want when I finally get round to decorating my dolls house
a small stuffed animal in a polka dot dress
Sylvanian Families Message Board R:2 :: Collector's Corner :: Sew Sylvanian Clothes?
A dress for mother Sylvanians made out of ribbons!
someone is holding up a chair made out of cardboard
A Comfy Chair Tutorial
How to make a mini arm chair
a miniature couch made out of fabric with pillows on it's back, sitting on a wooden table
Dollhouse Sofa (mini tutorial)
How to: Miniature sofa.
the instructions to make an origami doll dress and shoes for dolls with clothes on them
28 moldes que você precisa ter