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three different types of tigers and one is growling
Anna Podedworna
ArtStation - 安娜Podedworna - 做面孔的大猫
a close up of a cat with red eyes and stripes on it's face
a large poster with different types of fish on it's sides and the names of them
Guide to small #cat
a baby fox is sleeping in the snow
✨animais fofos
a rat sitting on top of a skateboard next to a person's feet
three mice sitting on top of a multicolored rope ball hanging from a ceiling
Pile of rats. They have so much space but they all lie in the small hammock!
two small black mice sitting on top of each other in someone's hand,
🤘🏼[Bat Time]🤘🏼
🤘🏼[Bat Time]🤘🏼
a rodent with its mouth open and it's hands in front of him
45 People Whose Brain.exe Stopped Working Share The Weirdest And Funniest Things They’ve Done
a small rat sitting on top of a white towel next to a pair of scissors
Look at these molt lines!
Fancy Mice Breeders • View topic - Look at these molt lines!
rat body language chart with instructions to learn how to use the rat's body