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six steps to designing a room
Six steps to designing a room
Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of making it up as you go along! Follow these six steps to designing, redecorating or styling a room.
a wooden bench sitting under a painting next to a bag and some baskets on the floor
What To Do If You Hate Your New Paint Colour
We've all been there! Not sure on your new choice of paint colour. This guide will help you work out what it is that's gone wrong and how to fix it!
a living room with a couch and table in front of a window that says, don't design your living room without known
Don't design your living room without knowing this...
You may want to rush out and buy a new sofa or choose your new paint colour. But these are the things you need to know before buying or choosing anything!
the home renovation planner is open and ready to be used as a project on track
Interior Design Home Renovation Planner
Our best-selling Room by Room Renovation Planner! It's back in stock and getting rave reviews 😀. Grab your copy now. Find out more here...
a woman sitting at a desk using a laptop computer with the words online interior design, consulting and services
Online interior design consultations and services
Check out our affordable, online interior design consultations. Plus we've got some inspiring design resources you are going to love 💜
a gray couch with pillows on it and the words how to easily arrange sofa cushions
How to easily arrange sofa cushion s
Never quite sure how to make your sofa cushions look the part? Here's six fool-proof ways to easily arrange your sofa cushions.
a kitchen with a table and stools next to the stove top in front of it
Avoid these six common renovation mistakes
Avoid these six most common renovation mistakes when designing your open-plan kitchen space. See what they are and how to avoid them.
an unmade bed with the text how to make your home more cosy
How to make your home feel cosy
How to make your home cosy. The 9 dos and don'ts when it comes to creating a cosy, warm and welcoming space in your home.
the interior design trend is coming soon
Interior design trends 2023
Check out the interior design trends for 2023. What's hot and what's not. Colours, furniture, music rooms, laundry rooms...
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall above it is an advertisement for best home decor ideas
How to create a cohesive room design
Want to know how to design a cohesive room? Follow these five easy steps to creating a cohesive design, and it's easier than you think!
a room that has been torn down with the words three renovation decision you need to make now
3 Renovation decisions you need to make now
Don't delay. These are the three renovation decisions you need to make now! Don't get caught out by failing to plan for these key elements.
some paint cans and a brush with the words should i hire a paint color consultant?
Six easy steps to choosing a paint colour
Follow these six easy steps to choosing a paint colour. Save your money on all those testers by working through this easy to follow process.
a living room with floral curtains and a chair
How high to hang your curtains
Stop making this common mistake with your curtains! Here's what you need to know about how high and wide to hang your curtains and blinds.
a living room with white couches and blue pillows on top of the couch is an advertisement for paper room
Three good reasons to decorate with neutrals
Neutrals are definitely not boring! Here's three good reasons that will make you want to decorate with neutrals.
a living room with blue couches and white rugs on the floor, text overlay reads how to use a color wheel to decorate
How to use a colour wheel to decorate
The only guide you will ever need on how to use a colour wheel to decorate. Put together professional looking colour schemes with ease.