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Creative handicraft
creative crafts let's do together!😘😘😍😍
a glass jar filled with gold coins and a red bird
Funny gift Kijk ook voor gepersonaliseerde bedankjes op
four small boxes with different colored candles in them and tags on the top one that says happy birthday
stempel kaarsjes
stempel kaarsjes - Google zoeken
the inside of an open card with a candle and some cards on top of it
5 Minuten Weihnachten
an assortment of items are displayed on a white table top, including a card case
You are Tea-riffic
Have a cuppa DSP - Stampin’ Up!
an origami box with toothbrushes in it and a tag hanging from the bottom
Weihnachtliches Beauty-Case mit Anleitung Weihnachtliches Beauty-Case mit Anleitung
the box is open to show it's contents and its contents are in it
Verpackung für einen Tassenkuchen. Stampin Up - Party Wishes / Party-Grüße
three boxes filled with chocolates on top of a table next to other cards and decorations
Cajita tarjeta
Explosion box with Ferrero Rochere chocolates inside.
an open box with money and coins in it | Elke dag een ontdekking
Bonbondoosje bewaren en geld erin doen. Mooi idee voor een geldcadeau.
some soaps are sitting in a wicker basket
Claudi's Bastelblog
MiniExplosionsboxen als Goodie - die Anleitung findet ihr unter:
small purple bags with pink bows and hearts on them
paars-witte tasjes met lipgloss. Daar wordt elk meisje blij van.
three small boxes with different designs on them sitting on a table next to each other
Steffi´s Stempelkeller : Micro-Easel-Card-Box