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the young man is talking to his friend about what he's doing on tv
brooklyn 99
two different pictures of the same man in uniform, one with his hand on his hip
two men standing next to each other in front of lockers with words on them
- S05E05
three different pictures of police officers in suits and ties with caption that reads, so nice of you to groups,
Brooklyn 99 memes - 48
two different scenes from the office, one with a police officer talking to another man
the office season 3 episode 2 is shown in several different languages, including one with an open mouth
two men sitting at a desk talking to each other in front of a bookshelf
When he got some bad news.
an image of two dollar bills on the same page
the office is so funny that it's hard to tell if they are pregnant
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Got any new baby pics?
two men in police uniforms talking to each other
- S05E07