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tennis balls and rackets are hung on the back of a truck in front of a tree
The Puppy Play Ground
Debbie Slaski Bjerkestrand Play ground
two pictures of a dog playing with empty water bottles in the grass, and another photo of a german shepherd
Keep your furry friends busy and entertained with this spinning plastic bottles dog treat game. Do you need one for your pets?
a dog is sitting in an empty wooden crate on the floor next to a window
Homemade whelping box. High sides, hinged doorway for easy access for mum. Rails round the sides to stop mum sitting on puppies. This started life as a pallet!
a white box sitting on top of a floor
Player Rottweilers
Player Rottweilers
an unfinished bed frame sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Whelping Box Construction Plans
Whelping Box Construction Plans
there are several puppies in the wooden bed frame, and one is looking at the camera
Amazing #Whelping Box Designs