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a woman with long hair holding an electric guitar
The best glam rockers - in pictures
Suzi Quatro, who had a number of chart successes during the glam-rock era, including Devil Gate Drive
an advertisement for kiss's live concert in 1970, featuring photos of the band members
Kiss [1977.12.20] Largo 1977 (Largo, MD)
a black and white photo of a woman with blonde hair in a leather jacket looking at the camera
Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the heart all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a woman wearing a sailor's hat is posing for the camera
Super Seventies
Debbie Harry
a woman sitting on the ground holding a microphone in her hand and singing into it
Deborah Harry Photos (167 of 1947) |
Blondie 1977
an old photo of the band queen of rock and roll
Glam Rock : Band's List
Slade Glam Rock : Band's List
kiss concert poster with the band's faces
70's rock groups | best rock bands of the '70's - Forums
the blond haired man is singing into a microphone
Brian Francis Connolly of the 70's iconic glam rock band, The Sweet.
an advertisement for the band's album, the sweet
The Sweet, glam rock band
four women in colorful outfits posing for a photo
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Sweet (referred to as The Sweet on albums before 1974 and singles before 1975) were a popular 1970s British glam rock band.