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a green poster with the words earth written in white on it's black background
Insanity: In the Eye of the Beholder — lunaesteria: Elemental Correspondences
a red heart sitting on top of a blue wall with words written in black and white
Gode citater til dig, der vil have et liv med overskud, nærvær og ro
a black and white poster with the words, i do not know what they are
Livets Foranderlighed, plakat med eftertænksomt ordsprog
a blue and black dragonfly with a poem written on it's back side
Dragonfly Dream Keepers Dragonfly Art Dragonfly Poster - Etsy
a card with an image of a snake on it's back and the words, snakes
Meanings of Life - Page 4 of 7 - Cardthartic
a card with an unicorn's head and the words unicorns are beautiful, magic
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the oak tree is an ancient good luck symbol for a happy marriage, the folk tree represents wisdom, loyalty, strength and abundance
The Oak Tree | Wedding Card | cardthartic.com