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large green leaves are growing on the ground in front of some bushes and trees,
Store stauder
pink flowers line the side of a green lawn
Een mooie haag is de trots van elke tuinliefhebber
pink roses are blooming in the garden with green grass and bushes around them, along with a white bench
English Roses
two yellow roses are blooming in the garden
three peach colored roses with green leaves in the foreground and red flowers in the background
PlantFiles Pictures: English Rose, Austin Rose 'Evelyn' (Rosa) by Todd_Boland
an assortment of flowers in a garden with pink and orange blooms on the top one
2020 David Austin Roses and companion plants PHOTOS
an orange and white flowered bush with green leaves
Plantgeek Chic - New David Austin Roses
a yellow rose is blooming in front of a white wall and green leaves on the outside
Roser til Haven
two red and yellow flowers with green leaves in the foreground, one blooming
Çöl Gülü (Adenium, Desert rose)
three peach colored roses are blooming in the garden, with green leaves and buds
Grace Rose