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a pencil drawing of a horse running
pencil drawing Toh-Yasu藤保 #037, 藤保 Toh-Yasu
some water lilies floating on top of each other in black and white, with the reflection
Half-horse by ZsofiaGyuker on DeviantArt
four different views of the foot and lower legs, from an old medical book by person
The Horse - Dittrich - 1898 - hooves
an image of horses that are in different colors and sizes, including black, white, blue
Sketchdump38 by jen-and-kris on DeviantArt
some drawings of horses with their mouths open
Blake Alexander Downing Fantasy Illustration
a book with drawings of horses on it and a pencil in front of the pages
Horse facial expressions
an animal that is standing in the water with it's head on its hind legs
Daily Horse Drawings
a horse with a flower crown on it's head is looking at the camera
Hippy horse