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This is accurate information and guidance to help you
evolve through your journey!
Book a tarot reading with me to help you with
misconceptions or to gain clarity!
In the personalization box, you will write
your name, and zodiac sign (if applicable), and questions/ any background information you would like me to have with email/phone number.
I will send voice recordings
I might send a picture of the cards and
I will send the voice recording through email
or your phone number.
Policy for reading:
When it comes down to how I deliver readings there is usually a due date to when your reading will be given which is within 2-4 weeks of "shipment" (more will be explained about this process.) However I also am human and I may be late or delay your reading for a multitude of reasons whether its complications in my life or spirit having me delay your reading for reasons beyond my control, when this stuff happens I will make sure to consistently communicate with you and not just go ghost.
My advice to you specifically buying a reading from me is that you feel that you trust my energy before choosing to book with me that way if your reading gets delayed you know that you trust me with my process of delivering your reading to you.
I don't do refunds, the only time I do refunds is when I feel that Im being disrespected or unvalued (the terms for how I deliver readings is above and more info is below.) If you would like to switch readings that is fine we can work that out but once again I don't do refunds.
When I ship out readings it equals processing your order so you wont receive your readings right when it says your order has been shipped out, your reading should come to you from 2 week to 4 weeks (a month) from the day the reading was shipped out. If you have any further questions you can message me here :)
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