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Metal Wall Shelf ELLIPSE - Black / Large

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Introducing our versatile steel shelves, a blend of industrial aesthetics and minimalistic style, designed to enhance any space in your home or outdoors. Each shelf is meticulously crafted to offer both visual appeal and practical use, making them a must-have for those who appreciate the finer details in the decor.
These Ellipse Shaped shelves will complement every interior. Can be attached to the wall in different directions to gain different looks.
Colors and Dimensions:
Black or White Options: Choose between the classic black or pristine white to complement your interior or exterior spaces.
Small: 30x8.5 cm - ideal for displaying small trinkets, photo frames, or succulents.
Medium: 50x15 cm - great for books, decorative items, or kitchen essentials.
Large: 70x20 cm - perfect for larger decor elements or as a chic, minimalistic storage solution.
Premium Features:
Golden Screws: Each shelf is affixed with elegant golden screws, not just ensuring a secure hang but adding a touch of luxury.
Industrial Yet Minimalistic: Experience the robust character of industrial design, streamlined into a sleek, minimalistic form.
Versatile Use:
Indoor Appeal: These shelves add a touch of elegance to living rooms, bringing walls to life with your favorite decor. In bedrooms, they offer a chic solution for your bedside essentials or cherished keepsakes. Install them in your kitchen for easy access to spices, or grace your entryways with a stylish space to keep your keys and mail organized.
Outdoor Elegance: Crafted with precision to withstand the elements, these shelves are also great for outdoor spaces. Accentuate your patio, balcony, or garden area with a stylish yet functional display area.
Easy Installation:
Hang your new steel shelves with ease using the provided screws and dowels, ensuring a secure and stable display for your items. The installation process is straightforward, making it easy to transform your spaces with a touch of modern, industrial elegance.
Embrace the seamless blend of durability and style, and let your walls tell a story of elegance, adorned with items that reflect your taste and personality. Each shelf promises not just a storage solution but an artful addition to your cherished spaces. Enjoy the blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that defines every piece in this exclusive collection.
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