Natural, Genuine & Authentic Yemeni Aqeeq Aqiq Agate Akik Akeek Hakeek Hakik Cabochon Rosary Tasbih Tasbeeh Mesbehe Misbaha تسبیح مسبحه عقیق یمن Beautiful Brown & Dark Orange Colour Big Beads 33 Beads + 2 Separators + 1 Piece Imame All beads in each Tasbeeh are different in size as there are hand carved and polished. - Not Machine processed. Big to Medium Beads Tasbeeh TSM01 Total Weight: 61.5Grams Total Length Beads only: 23.5cm Average Bead Length: 1.0cm to 1.4cm Total Length including Jewellery, Yemeni, 925 Silver Rings, 925 Silver, Agate Beads, Silver Rings, Agate Stone, Agate, Infinity Bracelet