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Balinese Handicraft Natural Driftwood With Fitted Hand Blown Glass Bowl 8.5"H

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• Each design is its own unique work of art. We work directly with the artists in Indonesia Bali to ensure a responsibly sourced, quality product. Each piece will have small variations due to its handcrafted and organic nature. We sell them in approximate size categories. The item you receive will not match the picture exactly. Item will be roughly the same size; Each piece of wood is completely different and hence the molding shape of the glass bowl.
• This Hand Blown Glass Bowl alone measures approximately 8.5" High, 7.5" Wide and 6.5" Deep overall. The natural Gamal hardwood driftwood base alone is about 4.25" High, 8.75" wide and 7" Deep. The glass bowl has a 91 oz fluid capacity.
• Place on desk, counter, or bookshelf to enhance the natural energy of your room! These glass vessels are the perfect containers for stationery, vanity tools, succulents, air plants, fairy gardening, floral arrangements, sand garden, beach collections and more!
• Because no two pieces of wood are the exact same, your item will be a slight variation of the picture. Some may be taller, some may be wider, some have more wood, and some have more glass, but all are beautiful. No two are alike, but that's what makes this product incredible! This item makes for a very unique and thoughtful gift.
• Props in photos are not included with the item set.
Ebros Balinese Handicraft Natural Driftwood With Fitted Hand Blown Glass Bowl 8.5"H
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