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Dry Flower Bouquets, White and Cream Tones, Pampas, Lagurus, Eucalyptus, Dry Grass, Wedding Decoration, Christmas Decoration, White Flower - Etsy Sweden

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Dried flower and leaves in white and cream tones ( also available in other colours) for an arrangements is available from our dried grass décor. Whether you’re decorating for a dinner party with friends, creating the desired atmosphere for a wedding, or sprucing up your home, these exquisite flowers and grasses have been dried and preserved to perfection. They offer the aesthetic qualities of fresh plants without any of the upkeep. You can easily make your own dried flower arrangements by combining our dried grass with our other dried flowers and preserved leaf.
Due to natural products, colors and sizes may slightly vary from the photos.
Mix bouquet : Each bouquet will be unique depend on what available at the moment.
-Feather Grass | 1 stem (55-65 cm)
-Nigella | 1 stem (40-55 cm)
-Phalaris | 10 stems (45-50 cm)
- Silver Dollars Eucalyptus | 1 stem (35-50 cm)
- Cave Flower | 1 stem (20-35 cm)
-Craspedia | 5 stems (45-50 cm)
-Pampas grass mini | 1 stem ( 65-70 cm)
-Glixia | White: mini waistband (35-45 cm)
-Phleum | White: mini waistband (40-55 cm)
-Lagurus | Cream / white: 10 stems (45-50 cm)
-Ruscus Premium | 1 stem (40-50 cm)
-XXL Pampas grass | Cream: 1 stem (115-120 cm)
-Babala | White: 1 stem (65-70 cm)
-Helichrysum | 1 stem (35-40 cm)
-Setaria | 5 Stems (35-50 cm)
-Avena | 10 stems (45-60 cm)
-Acroclinium | 10 stems (30-40 cm)
-willow eucalyptus | 1 stem (30-40 cm)
-Broom Bloom | 1 stem (30-40 cm)
-Wild Thistles- 1 stem, natural color ( 50-60cm)
-Preserved Gypsophila 1 stem | 30-45cm
-Sola ball, 55 cm.
-Wooden rose, 55 cm.
-Cedar rose, 55 cm.
-Wheat 55 cm. | 10 stems.
-Palm x 2, 40-60 cm
-White thistle 1 large stem, 55-60 cm.
What can you do with our dried flowers?
- Dry flower jewelry or for resin works.
- Decorate your home, office or a store.
- DIY floral wreaths and crown.
- Wedding decoration.
- Arrangements, centerpieces.
- Wall hanging decoration on a wood or ceiling.
- Various DIY projects.
- Decorate on wedding invitations cards or notebook.
- Table decorations for special occasions.
- Gifts for birthday, mother's day or someone spacial.
- For a photo shoots prop.
- Cake smash or a baby party decoration.
- Boho party decoration.
- DIY bouquet of dried flowers.
- Dried flowers in a glass jar or candle holder.
IMPORTANT all of the bleached flowers have their own smell, some people may find that they are too strong.
Dried and preserved flowers do not need water! They last up to 10 years and longer! With dried pampas grass it is normal that there is a little lint, but this is not a problem at all! Simply shake out the pampas grass gently and spray with hairspray from a distance of about 15-20 cm.
Dried flower arrangements are the perfect gift for every woman. A bouquet that does not wilt and that the recipient can enjoy forever.
A great gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas or a baby party.
Home & Living / Home decor / Scandi / Boho decor:
Dried flowers, pampas grass and bouquets of dried flowers are all the rage right now. Make your home cozy and sustainable.
Wedding decoration / table decoration / invitation cards / event decoration:
If you need a larger amount of dried flower material, please write to us. We have wholesale price available! 
❀ How to care for dried plant?
❀ Display dried flowers indoors, where they are protected from the elements. Keep them out of direct sunlight.
❀ Avoid keeping dried flowers in rooms with high humidity.
✿ Variations are to be expected and embraced with natural products.
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