three skeins of purple wool sitting on top of a white cloth covered surface
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Hyacinth wool batting is a beautiful blend of deep blue and deep purple. You can see the size of the 1 ounce batt in the picture of it being held in my hand (it's about the size of a softball). The last picture shows the Hyacinth shade along with the Peacock and Sea Green shades together. I am so pleased to offer wool in batting* form for all of you who would rather felt or spin with a textured type of wool. This is a 100% wool batting that has multiple shades and tones that will add depth to all of your fiber art projects! It is beautiful, fluffy and full of lovely variegated fun! What is the difference between batting and roving? Roving has been pulled along through machines to align the fibers to go in one direction and to smooth it--it is more in 'rope' form. Batting is carded on a carding machine and is pulled off in sheet form which produces a fluffy, lofty textured wool. Either of these is great to use for felting or spinning and will produce very different finishes to your designs. Check out all of the wonderful shades of batting here:
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