a close up of a toy bee on a blue surface with a coin in the foreground
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Art Flex Bee, 3 Sizes, 2 Wings options - 3D Printed | Authorized Seller - 3

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Made to order -Each 3D print will be unique-
2,6- Head to tail is 4.5 in"
3,7- Head to tail is 2.5 in"
4,8- Head to tail is 2 in"
1,9- One of each Size
Sizes are approximate.
Custom Request- Contact us before ordering if you are looking for a special request such as size or combination of colors.
Due to the intricate design used while 3D printing it is possible small pieces of plastic could break and fall off if print is dropped or used in an inappropriate manner. Prints may have sharp design parts.
Ages 12+ is recommended. These are susceptible to breaking if misused.
Due to photography, and screen settings, the colors used in our 3D printing may vary slightly from screen to product including different lighting. All 3D prints were printed by us and may have minor imperfections due to the nature of 3D printing. This will not affect the quality, durability or function of the item. 3D Printing is a unique process. Every print will be different. In addition, superficial imperfections may occur, such as layer seams, visible lines. FDM 3d printing is not solid (100% infill), various levels of infill is used to reduce time printing, cost, weight, and waste while maintaining the best quality and structure possible. (shell with infill).
✨If there is an issue upon receiving it, please contact us ASAP to determine the best course of action to solve the issue. We want you to start enjoying your new 3D prints ASAP! 😀
📌Larger orders may be packaged differently than small orders. We will package the orders for the safest transportation of the product to prevent damage. Larger orders may require a longer time frame.
Authorized seller. Props not included
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