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a man in white shirt and cap working on wooden table top with wood planks
Cheap & Easy DIY Barn Door
a wooden window sitting on top of a table
two women standing next to each other near a large wooden door on the side of a road
Dude I Built a Door
a wooden door sitting in the grass next to a building
Build a Panel Door
This is my first instructable and my first try at building my own door. Please be light on me as I know I make mistakes. I do think the finished product turned out great.Materials used were3 - 2X6 X 8 foot1 - 2X8 X 8 foot (this could be 4 foot)1 - 2X2 plywood ( decide thickness by tools and technique used, more later )1 - 2X4 plywood ( same note as above )Screws, I used 4 inch 1 length of dowell ( size decided later )Door hardware ( lockset and hinges )Finish of choiceTools requiredTable saw ...
an open wooden door in front of a brick wall
Shropshire Solid Oak Doors - Peak Oak
a man is working on a wooden board
How to build a shed door from plywood and cedar