The Red Thread

Being things which inspire Book One of The Eirish Rhapsody, a fantasy series.
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the book cover for chinese tales an enchanting collection of 24 chinese folk tales and fairy tales
Chinese Fairy Tales, Fourth Fairytalez Book, is Now for Sale on Amazon
the red thread by prue batten book cover with dragon on black and red background
The brilliant cover of Book Five of The Chronicles of Eirie, designed by Jane Dixon Smith.
two people are walking along the side of a narrow cliff face with a waterfall in the background
Cliffside Path, China
As wonderful as Chinese tea is, it is definitely not something you’d closely associate with exhilaration, adrenaline and the fear of death. Mt. Huashan in China, however, manages to bring all of th…
a rope bridge that is next to some water
6 of the World's Scariest Bridges
The inca rope bridge of Q'eswachaka, Peru
there is a long wooden bridge in the middle of some mountains with snow on top
One of the most dangerous bridges in the world,...
One of the most dangerous bridges in the world, Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Northern Pakistan
the stairs are built into the side of the cliff by the water and fog in the air
Beauty in the mist: 30+ mysterious and intriguing photos of fog - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
staircase at Pailón del Diablo waterfall in Ecuador
the rope bridge is suspended over water and has many boards attached to each side with ropes
10 Most Terrifying Bridges on Earth
Hunza River, Pakistan
a circle of red fish swimming in the middle of a body of water with pink and blue colors
大矢真嗣 - 靖山画廊
Shinji Oya "Golden Wheel" [^] 大矢真嗣「金輪」