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23 Cutest Baby Shower Balloons Ideas (To Make Yourself)
These 20+ best baby shower prizes will make sure your guests have a blast at the shower and leave with something awesome! From practical items to fun gifts, you'll find the perfect prizes for your baby shower games and diaper raffles.

Baby Showers

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laptop / how do you make money as a content creator? via @pullingcurls
The worst parts of being a nurse. Student nruse have a lot of things to think about. Is being a nurse their gift? Can they use humor and jokes in their field. Will they meet their goals for their dream job. Do they want to be a nurse practitioner, a labor and delivery or pediatric nurse? This is the cheat sheet on all the bad parts of being a nurse. via @pullingcurls


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Are you looking for ideas to decorate your holiday tree with ribbon? This Christmas tree ribbon tutorial will help you learn how to put ribbon or even garland on your tree in the most beautiful way possible. Christmas tree ribbon decor does not have to be hard and it especially doesn't have to be ugly! Once you learn how to put ribbon on your christmas tree properly, you'll never go back!
Looking for family holiday pajamas this Christmas? Here are the best places to buy matching pjs for the entire family—even the dog!
DIY Yoda Costume: Make this jedi at home! via @pullingcurls


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Save money and learn to meal plan! This cute printable meal planner pdf will help you keep track of your grocery inventory, save money on food, and beat that dinner time overwhelm. There is a weekly meal planner, monthly meal planner and daily meal planner page as well as a grocery list page and place to store new recipes to try! Meal planning can't get any easier than this!
How to make bread at home? Recipes for making bread at home. I'm sharing the best whole wheat bread recipes for you to make at home.
How can there be LESS pressure on moms at dinner time? via @pullingcurls

Cooking & Food

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Busy bags for church can help your child enjoy church AND learn and grow in so many ways -- setting up an exchange is EASY! Let me show you how! via @pullingcurls
The Dollar Store Church Bag for Kids: 23 Church Bag Ideas for Kids


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I love the idea of the want-need-wear-read rule for Christmas.  But, is this a Christmas gift rule you want for YOUR family -- and can it ALWAYS be the standard?


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Looking for books like Where the Crawdads Sing? This list of similar suggestions will help you pick another winning novel to read next!  Kya is hard to forget, but these similar novels also have memorable characters and are perfect for book club discussions!  books to read if you like where the crawdads sing | what to read after where the crawdads sing
I read some 75 books this year - here are my 10 best books of 2018 ranging from non-fiction to YA novels, new releases and old favorites.


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Learn tips and tricks from our annual fondue dinner party including printable recipes for the best cheese and chocolate fondue, fondue dipping menu, how to limit last minute food prep, make a party planning schedule, create a classy atmosphere, and ways to help yourself relax and enjoy your guests!  #holidays #party #fondue 🎄❄
6 Tips for Hosting a Minute to Win It Party - Everyday Reading
Baby Shower Jeopardy / Baby Shower Games / Baby Shower Ideas / Ideas for Baby Shower #babyshower #babyshowergames #jeopardy


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While we all have moments where we feel like killing our spouse, it's important to remember that there are ways to avoid doing so. Here are five tips for a happier and healthier relationship with your husband. via @pullingcurls
How do you NOT kill your husband when times are hard?


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I'll show you how to create a will and living trust without a lawyer.

Estate Planning

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We going to explore consequences for teenagers and how it can improve your relationship with them, while also preparing them for real life.This list of logical consequences for teenagers are the best to prepare them for real life.An effective consequence should encourage your child to change his behavior . Discipline isn't about punishment.It's about guiding children towards appropriate ways to behave. #responsibility #life #respect #motivation #freedom #inspiration #accountability #family
Today we're talking about taking care of yourself during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) and how to make good choices for yourself and keep the faith. via @pullingcurls


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How to change your life totally by waking up as early as 5 AM everyday. It is much easier to do this than you think. Click to see how to wake up at 5 AM and not feel tired..


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Monograms are perfect for labeling school supplies. #ad Cricut Joy makes labeling all your school supplies quick, easy, and fun. Learn how to make your own at #cricutmade #backtoschool #cricutjoy
AD A real homeschool family shares what their sample homeschool schedule for a 1st grader looks like for their son. It's an example template of routines and daily homeschooling work for a first grade boy who also has other siblings at home. Includes hacks like using Walmart Grocery Pickup for Yoplait snacks and field trip lunches. #homeschool #planning #homeschoollife #homeschool #biglittlewins #firstgrade #momofboys #boymom #raisingboys #1stgrade #boys #schedules #familyroutines #family


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These gift ideas for your 4-year-old daughter or granddaughter will be ones she really loves!  Some of these gift ideas are educational, but all are fun and something she will love to play with for a while to come. via @pullingcurls
23+ Fairy Birthday Party Ideas for Kids | Fairy Garden DIY
Tiny smash cake made in a tin can for a first birthday


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little boy in crocodile costume, make your own crocodile costume via @pullingcurls
Gnome Coloring Pages {FREE, printable} | Fairy Garden DIY - free printable coloring sheets for kids, cute gnome activities, perfect summer activity for kids who love gnomes and fairies!
Make a rice or beanbag frog with your kids.  They will have a new friend with these few tips (and learn some crafting skills in the process). @officialcricut, #cricutcreated  #ad


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potty training mistakes
If you're struggling to get your toddler to poop on the potty (which can be one of the hardest parts of potty training!) this tip might help! This was the only thing we tried that finally got our daughter to try pooping on the potty.

Potty Training

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Talking to kids about sex might be uncomfortable -- but telling your kids where babies come from will be one of the most important things you will do. via @pullingcurls
Best Movies To Watch With Your Daughter
40 Best Movies To Watch With Your Daughter | Best Kids Movies | Best Family Movies | Best Kids Movies On Amazon | Best Kids Movies Of All Time | Best Kids Movies 90s | Best Kids Movies 80s | Best Kids Movies Netflix | Movies to watch list | Movies Classics | Movies To Watch With Your Mom | Mommy Movies


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Make these for our next beach trip -=- so many good ideas!
Will it be Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland for your next family adventure? Dive into this detailed comparison that will highlight their differences, secrets, and unique charms. Uncertain about where to go? This pin is the perfect guide for you! via @pullingcurls
Planning a trip to the happiest place on Earth can be overwhelming, but don't worry! We're here to help. This guide includes everything you need to know about how much it costs to go to Disneyland and what your best options are for budgeting. Start planning today and enjoy every magical moment!


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How do you make a paper planner WORK for you when you also are addicted to your phone and have several calendars on there?
Picking your perfect planner is important.  If you find one that fits you will it will help you set goals, keep your life organized and help you create a life you love.  Pick the wrong one, and you won't use it at all.  So, let's talk about your options:
Tips and tricks for creating STRONG PASSWORDS that are secure from website hackers and that you will actually remember. Plus, be sure to download the password log so you can keep track of all passwords, security questions, and other data to keep your online sites safe and secure.


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Don't worry about hearing "I'm bored!" this summer! Here is a list of fun activities to keep your teens and tweens busy!
Such a gross and fun game to play with your family! Teach kids how to play the Flour game with baking flour and a penny! Great for FHE or family night or family home evening. #family #familytime #fhe #familynight #gamenight #kidsactivities #games #activities #flour #cookinggame #bakinggame
Riding a bike can be great for weight loss, or just to get around!  Let's talk about how to ride a bike for adults, and also how to teach children how to ride a bike without training wheels. #bike #kidsridingbikes #trainingwheels

Kids Activities

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Finding a pajama set that you’ll find comfortable as a new mom is a must.  Today we’re going to show you some of the best to put in your hospital bag with easy breastfeeding access. via @pullingcurls
Looking for a great birthing class? These online birthing classes were just what we needed as busy parents-to-be with so much good information that prepared us for labor and delivery! #pregnancy…
When you are offered the vaccine (aka, how many other pregnant women have had it and they are starting to see trends or patterns) Your personal risks -- which of course are based on: Your occupation (nurses will have a very different decision than other people -- for instance) Your own health problems Your FAMILY's health problems Your own ability to tolerate the risk of it being new. The information available at the time via @pullingcurls


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HOW can a busy mom get a healthy meal on the table in peace? via @pullingcurls
creating a meal plan
Figuring out what is for dinner is a struggle for many of us.  Today I'm going to share some meal planning templates to help you make dinnertime easier! #mealplanning

Meal Planning

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This is our REAL budget -- the actual numbers, and the actual totals we need to sustain our life. is it similar to yours? Come find out! #budget #budgets #finances via @pullingcurls
How should we be saving for retirement when there are so many other needs around us. via @pullingcurls
Do you need a lawyer to write a will? How do I make my own will and living trust? Believe it or not, you don't need a lawyer to make a will and living trust. I'll show you what we did and how easy it was.

Saving Money

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When it comes to parenting teens, sometimes it feels like there can be a lot of yelling involved. Instead of that, try using natural consequences that make sense!
Feeling like my kids hate me is something I have started to expect. This article will help you avoid mistakes when those painful words come out. Don't push away, be the grown-up and still love them. It just happens... let's talk about what to do when your kids say.... via @pullingcurls
How do you navigate the tricky path of kids and cell phones. I'm grateful to have parenting expert Katherin Sellery with me today to talk about what to consider as you decide if a cell phone is right for YOUR child/teen. via @pullingcurls


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Christian Medishare plans are taking center stage now that traditional health insurance is becoming out of reach for many families. via @pullingcurls
How can I tell if I have strep throat? Do I need to go to the doctor to know if I have strep throat? Let a nurse help you know if you have strep throat without going to the doctor.
help a UTI | bladder infection | remedies | symptoms | pain | causes | how to get rid of | relief | signs | kids | prevention | treatment via @pullingcurls

Healthy Family

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