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a brown and white striped vase sitting on top of a table next to a wall
Diversity of clay designs – South Africa
a pink and brown vase sitting on top of a white counter
Shop Modern Aesthetic Home Decor | LEIF
Shop Modern + Boho Home Goods | LEIF
Thrownbyjo Totem Sculpture
The gorgeous works of thrownbyjo featuring the signature Totem sculpture. 22 individually sculpted pieces, placed vertically to create a gentle rhythm down the central totem pole. ✨
a black and white logo with the words paco ciao written in cursive font
Paco Ciao Logo Design
By Ugla Studio, design, graphic design, minimal, linework, tattoo, simple, ink, print, typography, minimalist, illustration, hand drawn, branding, logo, logos.
a black vase sitting on top of a wooden table
Ceramic Vase, Ceramic Planter, Stoneware Sculptural Vessel, Brutal Textured Vase, Brown Ceramic Sculpture, Living Room Decor
Dimensions: Height: 10 inches Widht: 8 inches I crafted this item on my small ceramic workbench using stoneware clay, which is suitable for high-temperature firing, completely using hand-building techniques. After completing the slow drying process following the shaping process, the first firing was carried out at 900oC; then, the final firing process was carried out at 1200oC.