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this was santa claus for all of us 70's & 80's kids
So true! We love Santa 🎅🏼 Listen to #ChristmasMusic only on SUNNY99.COM
an old toy stove with various items on it
toys of the pasts | Fisher price toys | Favorite Things From The Past
an image of a book cover for let's all go to the lobbly
Count Kevin and the new Dark Age
a round button with a cartoon character wearing a yellow hat and the words i am behind it
Americana: Nostalgic Anim Character Buttons/Pins (1950-1999)
Frito Bandito
a blue and white box filled with plates and cups
Vintage 1960'sToy Corning Ware kid's cookware, new in package | Vintage toys, Childhood memories 70s, Childhood toys
Vintage 1960'sToy Corning Ware kid's cookware, new in package #CorningWare
a set of four coffee cups sitting on top of a table next to a cup holder
two silver and red objects sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
Whenever you needed to use one, the batteries were always dead!
a bathroom with a towel hanging on the wall and a quote above it that reads, if you used one of these back in the day
an advertisement for the jack laanne show with two men doing different things in front of them
a plastic box with pictures on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Pin by dia on 70's | Childhood memories 70s, Childhood memories, School memories
an orange cartoon character holding a bowl with the caption oh, three or four