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six coasters with different colored faces on them
Create your own Pop Art family portraits using PicMonkey.
the process for making silhouettes is shown in three different stages, including paint and paper
Pop art diy
an image of some pink string art on a phone screen with the caption's name below it
I love this!
the process to make a heart shaped vase with yarn and scissors on it, is shown in
Heart – Art 1. long balloon +string+glue. 2. Dry 3. pop balloon ~ could make letters and all sorts of shapes, even try balloon animals ?
an image of flowers with swirls in red and black on a red background,
The Garden & Red Doodles
Timeless Rituals: The Garden & Red Doodles
a drawing of a heart on a blue and white checkered background
I LOVE hearts!
The Art Teacher's Closet
four different pictures with leaves on them and one has a lamp in front of it
чудесная вещичка / Разное / Все для дома / Pinme.ru
Here's something to do with at least some of your fall leaves.
an image of different animals and plants on a white background
Look What I Did With a Leaf!
a wooden bowl that has leaves on it
Acer embrace - view 2 Hey everyone who is pinning this image on Pinterest - this is not a modgepodge of glued up leaves. Please get your information correct. Thanks.
Leaves modpodged to a balloon, balloon then popped and removed. would be gorgeous as centerpieces.
four crocheted dragon mittens are lined up in a row on a white surface
Monster Slippers CROCHET PATTERN PDF Kids Womens Mens Adult - Etsy
Monster Slippers Crochet Pattern Kids Womens Mens by KnitsForLife
multiple images of different hands holding something in one hand and the other with two fingers extended
monkey fit knot diy... years ago a team I was coaching game me one of these..It has hung on my rearview mirror ever since...now I know how they did it :)