Ultima: Long format bricks

Ultima is a brick format for those who are on the lookout for something extraordinary. You have a vision. You have a dream. Now you have the material to make…
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two lounge chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a brick building with windows
Summer-feeling with Ultima Long format bricks
Summer dreaming in this RT 154 Ultima-heaven ☀️
a modern house is lit up at night with lights on the roof and patio area
Dark bricks and warm welcoming light
Hug by brick 🤎 This German villa greets its residents and guests with calm horizontal lines, comforting dark colours and warm welcoming light.
a modern house with an entry way and stone walls on the outside, surrounded by greenery
Scandinavian architecture - Ultima, long format bricks
What a symphony of warm and natural materials 🟤⚪️🟢
Extraordinary architecture calls for extraordinary materials, and so, for the Compton Residential Building in London, the distinctive Ultima RT 153 brick from Randers Tegl was a natural choice.
the side of an apartment building with black and white bricks on it's sides
a house with a swimming pool in the front yard and lawn area next to it
a white house with large windows in the front yard
the walkway is lined with plants and flowers in front of a brick building that's surrounded by hedges
the front entrance to a modern home with large windows
a modern house with a swimming pool in the front yard and large windows on the side
a tall building with many windows and balconies
a house with a pool in the front yard
the building has many windows on each side
an apartment building with windows and balconies on the top floor, against a blue sky
a white brick wall next to a sidewalk
RT 154 Ultima | Heylen Ceramics
the living room is clean and ready for us to use