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a painting of orange flowers on a blue and green striped background, with vertical stripes
a crocheted piece of yarn with a knitting needle on the side next to it
Hæklet kant med bobler
Strikkefåret: Hæklet kant med bobler
a cross stitched wall hanging with the words abcdeg and an angel on it
free rug hooking patterns | Found on handmaidendesigns.com
an angel with white wings and green dress is depicted in this mosaic art work on glass
four different colored hearts on a white background
Back in Michigan
Minick & Simpson: Back in Michigan
a wall hanging on the side of a building with two sheep in front of it
It's All in Your Head
a cross stitch pattern with a river and mountains in the background
���� #45 - ������� � ����� � ������� long stitch. - Los-ku-tik
Gallery.ru / Фото #45 - Вышивка и схемы в технике long stitch. - Los-ku-tik
an image of a painting with mountains in the background and waves on the water below
Marion Cragg
Marion Cragg Bennet « Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound
an art piece is hanging on the wall
Dos vidas y un sol.- Nair Orihuela
an image of a weaving project on a wooden frame
Cultura. Distrito Capital
Cultura Típica. Distrito Capital: Cultura. Distrito Capital
a painting of a person wearing a blue hat and striped shirt, with buildings in the background
sarah swett saturday ~
The beginning of every month is like CRAZY busy for the fiber folks in the upper most northwest corner of Washington State. Typically with...
a close up of a bird on a pillow
Lyn Hart - American Tapestry Alliance
Lyn Hart, "desert birds postcard series - verdin" 2007, 4" x 6"
a close up of a knitted object with a cat's face on it
Artist Pages - American Tapestry Alliance
Artist Pages « American Tapestry Alliance
a close up of a cat's eyes on a weaving machine
Elizabeth Radcliffe, Tapestry Weaver: Grey cat 2
Grey cat 2