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a person holding up a pretzel with the words garlic ranch pretzels on it
Garlic Ranch Pretzels
These garlic ranch pretzels take store-bought pretzels to a totally new place. They're zesty, delicious, and so easy to make. #inspirationalmomma #garlicranchpretzels #garlicpretzels #ranchpretzels #seasonedpretzels
the desserts are ready to be eaten and put on plates with strawberries, banana slices
Cake, Recipes, Cookies, Cupcakes, & Easy Desserts for the Modern, Busy woman!
an image of a menu with pictures of different foods in it's trays
Kids Snack Bento Boxes - Fork and Beans | Recipe | Easy healthy lunch recipes, Healthy snacks recipe
four plastic containers with different types of food in them on a white surface, labeled
4 HEALTHY LUNCHE BOXES #nutritiouslunch #allergyfriendlylunch #vegetarianlunch #veganlunch #plantbasedlunch #glutenfree #dairyfree #zerowastelunch
an apple monster cookies recipe is shown in three different pictures
Apple Monster Cookies - Love to be in the Kitchen
apple slice cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for Kids
The cutest breakfast and snack you'll ever make with just toast, fruit and a delicious spread like peanut butter, cream cheese or Nutella. Toddlers and kids love this super fun and creative food idea! This adorable animal toast is also rather healthy and cheap to make with simple ingredients.
apple nachos on a plate with caramel drizzle and chocolate chips
Healthy Apple Nacho Recipe (5-Minutes) - The Simple Veganista
frozen grapes in a bowl with text overlay that reads, frozen grapes better than popsicles
Frozen Grapes (The Best Summer Snack)
sweet potato bagel chips on a plate with ranch dip
Sweet Potato Everything Bagel Chips (Healthy, Paleo)
the ingredients for spicy cucumber salad are shown
Spicy Cucumber Salad Recipe
This Asian-inspired spicy cucumber salad recipe is light, refreshing, and healthy. It's packed with fresh ingredients like crisp accordion cucumbers, green onion, soy sauce, red chili flakes, garlic, and sesame oil. The perfect 5-minute side dish, appetizer, and snack!
a bowl filled with cake batter and sprinkles next to an image of a spoon
Cake Batter Protein Balls
These cake batter high protein energy bites are healthy, easy to make and perfect for a simple vegan snack or dessert. These energy balls are gluten free, made with cashew butter and sweetened with just honey or maple syrup.