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several hot dogs wrapped in bread on a table
Luftige pølsehorn - Opskrift på verdens bedste pølsehorn til madpakken
3h 0m
a pile of cookies sitting on top of a cooling rack
Chokoladebrud - bløde og store. Verdens bedste! -
2h 45m
two slices of banana bread sitting on top of a white plate next to an orange
Janet's Rich Banana Bread
1h 20m
purple swirled doughnuts sitting on top of a baking sheet
Blåbærsnurrer med marcipan -
1h 0m
several different types of pastries are being made in the oven and on trays
Kanelsnegle med creme
1h 40m
a chocolate cake with raspberries on top and the words brownie med hindermouse og chocoladeganache
Brownie med hindbærmousse og chokoladeganache
there are many different types of doughnuts on the counter top, and one is green
Sunde spinatboller
2h 30m
there is a cake in the shape of letter e with flowers and berries on it
Cute idea for birthdays!
a pile of freshly baked loaves of bread
Koldhævede ølandsboller
koldhævede ølandsboller