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free printables for kids to use in the classroom
Free Printables for Kids
Free educational material for kids to help them learn history, science, math language arts, and more in a fun, hands-on way. via @researchparent
two play doughs sitting on top of a counter next to each other with the words long - lasting homemade play dough recipe
Super Long-Lasting Play Dough
Super Long-Lasting Play Dough Recipe and Step-by-Step Picture Tutorial via @researchparent
a bottle of liquid sitting on top of a table
Extracting DNA from a Strawberry
Extract DNA from a strawberry in your kitchen! This fun, easy, science activity for kids uses only common household items and takes about 10 minutes. Full step-by-step picture tutorial included. via @researchparent
several printable worksheets with the text lowcase printing sheets free printable
Lowercase Printing Sheets
Free lowercase printing sheets for kids. These sheets are intuitively designed so kids can practice with them on their own by tracing the letters along the path from dark to light. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school.
the printable activities for kids to use in research
Free Printables for Kids
Free Printables for Kids -- Includes educational tools for science, history, math, reading, and more
a young boy holding an arrow and aiming it with the words homemade bow & arrows
Homemade Bow and Arrows
Homemade Bow and Arrows. Quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. Great DIY gift for kids. via @researchparent
a pile of cards sitting on top of a wooden table with the words paleontlogy cards
Free Printable Paleontology Cards
Paleontology Cards - Free, printable, Montessori-inspired cards featuring terms such as dinosaur, plesiosaur, pterosaur, Pangaea, and Mesozoic Era. Learning material for kindergarten or elementary-aged kids. via @researchparent
the printable checklist for kids to use
Illustrated Chore Checklist
Use this illustrated chore checklist to help kids grow habits of completing daily tasks. Can be used for pre-readers as well as older kids. via @researchparent
how to throw a gold rush party with food and drinks on the table for kids
How to Throw a Gold Rush Party
Ideas for having a Gold Rush Party at home including meal and music suggestions as well as fun and educational activities for kids. via @researchparent
the lego maze is an easy and fun activity for kids to learn how to use it
Coding a LEGO Maze
Coding Activity for Kids - Free, printable teaches kids the fundamentals of computer programming without using a computer. Maze can optionally be constructed with LEGOS or DUPLOS.
an animal cell model with free printable labels on it and oranges in the bowl
Animal Cell Model for Kids
Fun demonstration of cell biology using food to make an animal cell model for kids. An easy, memorable activity to get kids excited about science. via @researchparent
a young boy riding a red bike with blue wheels and the words diy no - pedal balance bike aka strider
DIY No Pedal Balance Bike (aka Strider bike)
Step-by-step picture tutorial for removing pedals from a kid's bike to turn it into a no-pedal balance bike (aka Strider bike) via @researchparent
the homemade toy mailbox is open and ready to be used as a mail box
Homemade Toy Mailbox
Homemade Toy Mailbox - Play Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers -