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an ad for heavenly ham with the message welcome to heavenly ham
Putting this up just to counteract that devilish one I posted. Gotta keep the good Lord happy, amirite?!?!?
deviled ham spread wrapped in paper on a white tablecloth with red and black lettering
Mmmmmm....I know I shouldn't but...maybe just this once....
a cat is holding something in it's mouth with the caption, my beloved has a first name this is not non non non non non non non non non non non non non non non
My bologna has a first name... is nom nom nom nom nom...
Cat's have excellent taste in luncheon meats.
a green tray with an image of a frog on it and the words snack tray
OMG HOW CUTE IS THIS?!?!? I'm for SURE filing this one under "must have"! IT'S SO ME!!!!
a ham sandwich with cheese and lettuce on it
Ham shaped like bread and bread shaped like ham??? Boy, this really makes you change your perspective and think about life differently, doesn't it? Gotta be a hamtellectual!
two brown cows standing on top of a dry grass field
Life as a Farm Girl Pig
Don't worry, buddy. Soon you'll be ham!!
the bag of pork rings is shown on a white background and has an orange label
I love how these guys are like, "Hey! Hey! Don't forget about us. We're ham too!!" Hahahahahahahahahaha...too funny!
an animated pig is standing in front of a sign that says, everet collection
Mmmmm....that's some ham!
Sure hope someone buys me a ham bag! :) Reusable Tote, Reusable Tote Bags, Tote Bag, Marketing
Sure hope someone buys me a ham bag! :)