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two pictures side by side one shows caramel and the other shows peanut butter squares
Lav nemme og lækre saltkarameller til jul
Karameller med salt | Hjemmelavede saltkarameller |
there are chocolates and candy on the tray ready to be cut into pieces for dessert
Dammsugare/punschrullar - Lindas Bakskola & Matskola
several rolled up pink towels sitting on top of a green towel covered in powdered sugar
Syrliga Äppelremmar
green candy rolls are sitting on a plate with sugar sprinkles around them
Hjemmelavede sure bånd
Hjemmelavet slik er både sjovt og forholdsvist nemt at lave derhjemme. Disse sure bånd er ligeledes lette at tilberede, men kræver lidt tålmodighed i form af ventetid. Kombinationen af det søde sammen med det syrlige, i disse sure bånd, er til gengæld hele ventetiden værd - og samtidigt en fryd for øjet, hvorfor de tilmed egner sig perfekt til en lækker slikbuffet.
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there are many pieces of chocolate on the plate
Trøffelkugler med chokoladeovertræk
three different pictures of peppermint fluff dip with candy canes on top
2 Minute Peppermint Fluff Dip
This creamy fluffy peppermint fluff dip is the best Christmas dessert recipe! It is so easy and only take a few ingredients!
how to make heart shaped frosting cookies
Strawberry Meringue cookies
These Meringue Cookies are great for Valentines Day since they are shaped like hearts!
2h 20m
there are many chocolate covered donuts on the baking sheet with white frosting and dark brown icing
Chocolate Peppermints
Chocolate Peppermints: You only need 4 ingredients to make these easy treats.
someone is cutting chocolate with a pair of scissors
How to Easily Make Chocolate Curls with Everyday Kitchen Tools
I never really thought about it, but now I can get fancy.
two chocolate covered candles sitting on top of each other
Easy and Delicious Chocolate Caramel Marshmallows
Marshmallows dipped in caramel, left to harden, and dunked in chocolate (all on a stick) - Forget cake pops!! I might have already pinned this once, but its worth pinning multiple times! :D
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a glass plate topped with fruit and chocolate covered pastries on top of a wooden table
Ice cream cones dipped in chocolate, filled with fruit and a yogurt dip. Yummy!
some food is being made and ready to be eaten in the oven, including waffles
Candy Bar Pretzel Bites
Candy Bar Pretzel Bites.
a pile of powdered sugar balls on a red and orange plate with gold background
Our Family of Brands
These classic holiday Snowdrop Cookies, sometimes called Russian Tea Cakes, are simple and delicate with the flavor of almonds or pecans and confectioner’s sugar.