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an old woman is picking carrots from the street in front of the eiffel tower
Quintessentially French -- what is traveling to you? For me, it is absorbing the essence of the place, not just the sites. This image shares the essence of Paris.
the castle is surrounded by snow and trees
DLP Dec 2010 - Wandering through a very snowy Parc Disneyland
Snowy Disneyland in Paris, France
a small house with flowers and candles on the porch
Modern Prairie Girl Pinterest Love
gypsy caravan
a dog sitting in front of a green trailer
La Roulotte de Mémé | Le Mas des Capriers. Cabrières d' Aigu… | Cécile
an old trailer is parked in the grass
vintage caravan
vintage caravan |
a large round structure sitting on top of snow covered ground
Brighton beach carousel in the snow
Brighton beach carousel in the snow | Flickr
several people are standing at the bottom of a waterfall in the jungle, surrounded by greenery
Stop-Over Ochos Rios, Jamaica
Dunns River Falls Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Had the most wonderful experience climbing up these lovelies!
the water is crystal blue and clear
Jamaica - Negril - The Caves - Negril is a great party spot too