Ting jeg finder ualmindeligt smukke!
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some old fashioned envelopes are stacked on top of each other
the top ten free digital ephemera sites
Vintage Ephemera Printables for Art Journaling and Planners (10 Free Digital Sites)
a person is working on some kind of crafting project with wood and paper in their hands
How I make my journals part 2
some tags are hanging on a white doily
New tags, journaling cards and place cards in the shop
a pile of old books sitting on top of a table
Кармашки для визиток
an open book with some beads on it
Making "Alice in Wonderland" notebook. Part 2 : Signature 1.
Making "Alice in Wonderland" notebook. Part 2 : Signature 1. - YouTube
Making Alice in wonderland bohemian junk journal. Process video
this is an image of a tag with a pocket watch on it that has been altered to look like a piece of art
Vada's Blog : It’s TIME
there is a wall hanging with many different items on it and a potted plant in the foreground
Cubbies of treasured LITTLES
Wow! I love this super huge configurations box.
a book shelf filled with lots of assorted items
Tim Holtz Configuration Curio
Tim Holtz Configuration Curio -
an open book with lots of different items in it
an open wooden box filled with assorted items
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shadow box
an old window with angel wings and other items in it on a wooden wall background
there are many pictures on the tray
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an old metal box filled with assorted items and clock on it's side