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a multicolored piece of cloth hanging on a wall
Pot holders with scraps
someone is making a flower arrangement with fabric
a wooden spoon sitting on top of a table next to a colorful patchwork piece
These Colorful Potholders Double as Hot Pads - Quilting Digest
a stack of cloths sitting on top of a white wooden floor next to each other
Quilted Potholders
These quilted potholders not only look cute but do a great job protecting your hand from hot dishes. Visit my shop to see all my kitchen accessories and hot pads.
two christmas present pot holders on top of a table next to an open book and scissors
More than 25 Cute Things to Sew for Christmas
From stockings, to pillows, to ornaments and decorations. More than 25 cute things to sew for Christmas!
three christmas coasters on a table with paper straws and candy canes next to them
Eilene| Maker of handmade on Instagram: "Available Sat 11/26 @ 9am mst in my Etsy shop Listing is for one scrappy fabric coaster. Same or similar fabrics are used, but fabric placement may differ slightly than shown. Applique tree in one corner. Lined with insulbright, made especially for heat. Do not place in microwave. Machine washable in cool water, flat dry. Cotton fabrics are not prewashed. 4 available of 3 different colorways, $9.99 each plus shipping. I combine shipping on multiple
two red and green quilted squares on a white table top with polka dot trim
four quilted placemats sitting on top of a wooden table
Christmas hot pads...gift idea??
the cover of quilting a beginner's guide
49 Fabric Scrap Crafts Ideas for Leftover Material
Cool Crafts You Can Make With Fabric Scraps - Potholders From Fabric Scraps - Creative DIY Sewing Projects and Things to Do With Leftover Fabric Scrap Crafts #sewing #fabric #crafts
a pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pot holder and spoon
Free Pot Holder Patterns
a close up of a piece of cloth on a wooden table with holly and mist
Quilted Christmas Mug Rug, Drink Mat, Candle Mat, Snack Mat. Coaster B60
the cover of quilting a beginner's guide
a busy empty nest & WIPs
How to make potholders from all the scraps you just can't throw away because you can use it for SOMETHING
the instructions for how to sew quilted fabric scraps pot holders are shown
How to Sew Quilted Fabric Scraps Pot Holders
How to Sew Quilted Fabric Scraps Pot Holders