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Are you wanting to start or grow your own virtual assistant business? This board has all the tips you need to get started or grow your VA business! We pin about…
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Work From Home Tips
Being intentional with your relationships can actually impact your business! Read why in our blog.
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How To Give Daily Rundowns
VAs should try to replicate a physical office space's communication rhythms. Learn how:
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Virtual Assistant Tips
Learn our top 4 ways to add value as a virtual assistant! They include bringing your heart, proactivity, collaboration, daily rundowns, and time tracking.
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Self Employment Tips
Even though it is hard work, it is worthwhile!
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Self Employment Advice
You are not guaranteed work when you're self-employed.
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Thinking about being a VA?
Here's what all virtual assistants (and self-employed people) should know...
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Self Employment Tips
Do you know what it means to be self-employed?
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Independent Contractor Tips
Do you withhold taxes?
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Communication Is Key
Whether you’re looking to grow your skillset as a virtual assistant, or if you’re looking to hire one, the most important thing to think about is whether or not you’re a good fit with the other person! We have found that proactivity, communication, ability to be a self-learner, attention to details, and heart are traits possessed by highly successful virtual assistants. You can learn more about why we look for these traits when we hire virtual assistants when you read our blog!
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Why Virtual Assistants Should Keep Timesheets
Are you using timesheets? Read on why it is so important! entrepreneur, virtual assistant, time tracking, timesheet, time sheet, productivity
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Using timesheets in your business.
Should you be using timesheets in your business? Hiring a virtual assistant, Working with a virtual assistant, VA, outsourcing, how to outsource #entrepreneur, small business tips creative entrepreneur, business tips, solopreneur
a woman reading a book with the words kingdom, entrepreur, what does working from a place of rest and peace mean in your work strategy?
Kingdom Entrepreneur, you need rest!
When our mindset shifts, we begin working with a mindset of rest, and our work then becomes an act of worship. Trust and obedience in the Lord now drives us rather than striving for results. We trust and obey as He leads, we lay down the unbelief-driven, overwork mindset and declare that God is our Provider. The results are now in God’s very capable hands and THAT is dependable.
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The missing piece for business leaders: REST!!
If we’ve read all the things and are still creeping up on the last stage of burnout, then something isn’t working. Maybe it’s about more than “self-care” or “work smarter, not harder”? Perhaps we’re learning that the “hustle-and-grind” mindset only looks good when we’re scrolling by social media posts. If we are working long days and into the weekend, it may be a sign we need to shift our mindset and learn to work from a place of peace, rest, and trust.
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Work from a place of REST
Working with a REST mindset is not results-driven. It is obedience-driven. Simply put, it is an act of worship. Overwork is a form of unbelief or doubt. Consider where you've tripped over this thing. Say it out loud. Discuss it with God in prayer, repent, breathe! Follow Him.
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three boundariess virtual assistants should implement when taking on a new client
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Having boundaries and clearly communicating them are SO IMPORTANT when onboarding with a new client. Setting boundaries right at the get-go greatly reduces the likelihood of burnout, frustration, and ultimately helps build trust. 💎 Is there anything we missed? Do you have a helpful tip on boundary setting to share with the community?! We would love to hear it! #Regram via @CRUMMXJtDId
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💎APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!💎⁣ Thinking about a change in your career? Wanting to work from home? Need flexibility? Tired of the commute? Would you love to help a small business owner thrive and succeed?⁣ 💎⁣ We are looking for people who have experience with the following skills:⁣⁣⁣ 💎 Social Media Management⁣ 💎 Social Media Marketing⁣ 💎 Email Marketing ⁣ 💎 Editing & Copy ⁣ 💎 Blogging⁣ 💎 Pinterest Marketing⁣ If you think you have wh
someone is writing on a notepad next to a cup of coffee and notebook with the quote make a list of the things you're not god at and delgate them to your va
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Did you know that delegating tasks to your virtual assistant can actually make your business grow? When you start to effectively delegate time-wasting tasks or tasks you are simply not good at doing it frees you up to do the things you are AWESOME at! It enables you to have more free time to work in your zone of genius. AKA the business building aspects of your business! You are no longer caught up in the details. You have space to cast vision and do what you do best!⁣ 💎⁣ Ready to get
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LIFE CHANGE⁣ 💎⁣ This is why we do what we do! Are you ready for a career move or to bring someone onto your team? Checkout our website and see if Rock Solid may be your next step! #Regram via @CR4PUjQtQWt
the five steps to successful virtual assistant in rock solid's 5 stages of successful virtual assistant
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It is no secret that we have a very extensive application process for our virtual assistants. Do we look at your skillsets and experiences? Absolutely. But do you know what we look at even more? ⁣ 💎⁣ Are you proactive?⁣ How are your communication skills? ⁣ Do you have passion? ⁣ Are you a self-learner?⁣ How's your attention to detail?⁣ 💎⁣ We're probably one of the few places that won't ask for your resume. A lot of people have the skills and knowledge to be a virt
a pink poster with the words how to become a pinterest manager and work from home
Become a Pinterest Manager And Make Money From Home — Alma Bradford
If you want to start a profitable social media management or even a digital marketing company, adding Pinterest management services will allow you to help your clients in a more impactful way. This article will show you what you need to do in order to get started as a Pinterest Manager.
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the text reads, fill out the contact form get started on your rock solid journey by filing out the contact form on our website
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Photo by Rock Solid Virtual Assistants on May 14, 2021. May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Fill out the contact form Get started on your Rock Solid journey by filling out the contact form on our website. This will help us to get to know you and your business better before we hop on your discovery call.'. #Regram via @CO-cJTVN2lo
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk with the words how to name your virtual assistant business
Virtual Assistant Business Names: How Do You Choose One? - Fully Booked VA
How to Name Your Virtual Assistant Business via @ghorke
the info sheet for how to create a winning instagramr bio page with images and text
Two Turtle Doves Small Business Academy
Your Instagram bio is a very important piece of real estate of your Instagram business profile. If you are looking to attract followers and create business from your Instagram profile, having a snazzy bio is a surefire way to grab your visitors attention and compel them to click the follow button.⁠ ⁠ Here are our top tips on how to create a winning Instagram Bio for your Small Business.⁠ ⁠#instagrammarketing #instagram #smallbusiness @socialmedia #marketingtips
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Photo by Rock Solid Virtual Assistants on May 21, 2021. May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'HAPPY VIRTUAL ASSISTANT DAY!'. #Regram via @CPQhEqdj6wS
a quote that says, yesterday is heavy put it down
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Whew. I don't know who else needed permission to put down the weight of yesterday, but I sure did. As Matthew tells us in the Bible, "Each day has enough trouble of its own." ⁣ 💎⁣ Sometimes it takes little nudges like this for me to even realize I was holding onto something from yesterday. Recognizing it, mentally letting go, and giving it over to God can drastically change my day. Anyone else? #Regram via
a poster with the words how to build your business when you don't know where to start
How to build your business, when you don't know where to start + Free Worksheets
Do you have so many business ideas that you just don’t know where to start? Do you look around at blogs, ETSY shops, or other small businesses and think to yourself, “I can do that.” Well, guess what? You can! Download your free worksheets to get started!
a desk with the words essential elements of a virtual assistant contract on top of it
Essential Elements of a Virtual Assistant Contract - Fully Booked VA
These three provisions of a virtual assistant contract will help you grow your Virtual Assistant biz in no time.
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Cierra is one of our amazing clients. A few weeks ago she got to meet her Rock Solid Virtual Assistant IN PERSON! This is such a rare and special thing that some of our teams get to do. Here is what she has to say about having a Rock Solid VA on board with her. ⁣ 💎⁣ "Have you ever gone through life not asking for help? ⁣ Thinking you can do it all by yourself? ⁣ You are the only person who can do it, mentality? ⁣ ⁣ This was meeeeeee!!! However working my corporate job and 6